Spiritual Journaling

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Personal journaling supports our development and growth.But spiritual journaling goes deeper. Spiritual writing isa reflection of our soul. Like personal journaling it un curso de milagros videos toois a tool for self-discovery, aids concentration, is asafety valve for emotions, a training ground for improvingthought to paper processing, and builds self-esteem andconfidence.

Spiritual growth is not just about religion, it concerns alllife -- time, goals, relationships, work, politics, and ourinner life. Spiritual journaling is a process where thepart of us that connects with God, or our higher power,expresses itself. It is a process of where selfishness canbe transformed into caring, rebellion into obedience, anddespair into hope. It is with this connection that personaldevelopment occurs.

Journaling is just one discipline to a greater path ofgrace. Prayer and fasting are the other two. Thisdiscipline is a response to grace not an alternative. It isalso an adventure in joyful freedom.

Have you ever been listening to your pastor or priest andyou zone out briefly, hear something profound, and thensuddenly snap back? It�s there and then gone.

What about a time when you started crying and there wasn't areason? The tears could have been triggered by words, aphrase, a visual from a conversation, television program orcommercial, movie, or radio broadcast. Apparently, therewas an emotional pull, do you remember what it was? Did youever think of what actually trigger it?

It is my believe that these and other ways we receivesubtitle messages, either from your inner spiritual self ora higher connection, are guidance. God and the universetalks to us all day long but because of our busy lives wedon't listen un curso de milagros videos very well or stop and take notice of what"really" just happened. Usually, we just push our way rightthough the message, shrug it off to being tired, dismiss itas irrelevant, or not having any time to address it.

But these do have meaning and it is important to recordthese, even if on a napkin, and spend some quiet time withthem later in your journal. Then ask our higher power forguidance and understanding. When was the last time you didthis? Maybe you have never asked. Maybe its time to renewthe experience.

In order not to repeat past events we study them. But do westudy our day so that we don't repeat certain experiencesagain? Usually not. What if you asked: "What occurred intoday�s events that seem out of the ordinary?" "Whatmessages appeared that were quickly tossed that werespiritually based and could have additional meaning?"

For un curso de milagros preguntas y respuestas this very reason, not to repeat our mistakes and toimprove our future that we should stop and ask. Throughouthistory we've been told: "An answer cannot be received,until first we ask." I know this last sentence must be aquote from somewhere but I couldn't find the source.

Do you read material that spiritually enlightens you? Agreat exercise is to journal before you read the material.This will allow your soul to reconnect with your mind, body,and spirit and enhance the reading.

What about journaling after or during the reading? Writingallows the meshing of thoughts -- the authors, yours, andthe higher power. It is a powerful connection. It is thebest way we can begin to see our path and our purpose.

Dear Higher Power letters are my favorite. I feel like I'mtalking with my best friend and trusted father When was thelast time you wrote to him or her?

Many people tell me they only journal when they need to dumptheir negative emotions. Yes, journaling can be a great usefor this, however, journaling is actually so much more. Ifyou do find that your entries are more focused on negativeaspects of life, I highly suggest you change it. Since likeattracts like, you are opening the opportunity to theuniverse to send the exact type of energy back to you. Andwho wants more negative energy in their life?

If you must post journal entries that are negative, let mesuggest that you don't stop there. If you have any thoughts with regards to the place and how to use un curso de milagros videos, you can speak to us at our own page. Continue writingflipping to the positive side. This maybe difficult atfirst but as it changes so will your attitude about life.

Normally, people who don't journal often tell me that theydon't do so because it is always negative. Who wants toreturn to something that is negative? I surely would not.

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