Types Of Breast Lumps - Do Regular Self-Breast Examinations

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A breast lump, also known as breast mass, fullness, swelling, or growth is the tissue growth that occurs in the breast. Women are advised to do regular self-breast examinations in order to detect any signs of breast lumps. Bear in mind that some lumps can be cancerous or malignant. The number of people who have breast cancer is on the rise everywhere. Luckily, most of the breast lumps are found to be harmless non-cancerous benign growths.�

However, an experienced doctor is the most appropriate person to determine whether a breast lump is malignant or benign. If you notice any mass, lump, swelling or tenderness during your self breast exam, it is advisable to contact your medical practitioner as soon as possible. Usually, a breast lump has well-defined borders and can be easily felt during a breast exam. Other signs that can be associated with breast growth include distention, asymmetry, pain, redness in the skin, nipple discharge, inversion of nipples, and skin pitting. Brustvergrößerung OP Various types of lumps can occur within the breast�

Fibroadenoma: These are solid, firm, and painless benign breast lumps with a distinct shape and can be easily moved under the skin. Fibroadenomas are most frequent in women under the age of 30. They can grow during pregnancy and usually become small in size after menopause. Fibroadenomas can be removed using a needle or obliterated by a process known as cryoablation. Sometimes, they may go away on their own.�

Women who have breast fibroadenomas have a small increased risk of developing breast cancer later in their life. If you decide not to remove your fibroadenoma, then you have to carefully and regularly monitor it to make sure that it is not growing in size.�

Cysts: Breast cysts are also benign breast growths. When you loved this information in addition to you desire to acquire more details concerning Brustvergrößerung OP generously check out our own web-site. They are movable fluid-filled sacs formed within the breast. They typically have well-defined edges and are round or oval in shape. Some women may develop more than one cyst in their breasts. If your breast cyst is not causing any pain or uneasiness, there is no need to remove it. Most often, they disappear on their own and will cease to occur after menopause. Moreover, it do not increase the chances of cancer. Brustvergrößerung OP It is believed that reducing the intake of caffeine and salt can help you relieve the symptoms of breast cysts.�

Fibrocystic Breasts: This is a very common benign breast condition and often produces many symptoms, including pain, breast lumps, and tenderness. There may be a green or dark brown discharge from the nipple. Fibrocystic breast changes do not require any medical treatment. There are several home remedies that can alleviate the symptoms of fibrocystic breast.�

Lipoma: Breast lipoma is another benign neoplasam that does not need any treatment. Lipomas are composed of fatty tissues and are soft and movable under the skin. They most commonly occur in older women.�

Malignant Breast Lumps: A cancerous breast growth may Brustvergrößerung OP be painless, solid and is different from the nearby breast tissues. Additional symptoms can include bloody nipple discharge, inverted nipple, skin redness, skin pitting and dimpling, nipple scaling or peeling, and abnormalities in the size and shape of the breast.